Documentary family photography focuses on those in-between moments that build our lives. The extra hug for a kiddo who needs some reassurance or the impromptu tea party with the favorite stuffies. It’s about catching the tender, wild, still-so-tired truth of your family.

not the perfect + posed version

• My house won’t look right. First off, your house is great. It’s where your family plays, shares meals and snuggles for movie nights. It’s worth remembering exactly how it is in this moment! (But don’t worry, I’ll blur the sink full of dishes and respect any boundaries for what’s off-limits.)

• My kids won’t be into it. I never, ever expect them to sit still or ask them to smile over and over (because I don’t know about you, but nothing makes me want to smile less). Trust me—it is crazy the difference I see in kids who are free to play during our documentary session. They forget I’m there and just have fun. 

• We aren’t interesting enough for this. You are, I promise. Interesting doesn’t mean you have to go skydiving. The way you interact, react, play, soothe, explore and chill is interesting because it’s unique to your family. The absolute best thing I hear from past clients is that these images show them the meaning hiding in the everyday.

Inviting someone into your home and the close moments that not everybody sees.

It is totally valid to be nervous...

You don’t have to wear new clothes that you’ll never put on again or bribe your kids to cooperate. Instead of a ton of direction and a ton of stress, you spend your day exactly how you want. I’ll be there unobtrusively capturing what your family looks like as your day unfolds.

• Making breakfast* in your pajamas
• Playing at the park, grass-stained knees and all
• The way your little grabs your face to plant a big kiss

*Breakfast ideas include a box of cereal, homemade pancakes, and everything in between. You don’t have to be fancy for me. :)

Family photography made easy

Just spending time with those you love

“From shooting photos of the kids simply in our day-to-day routines, be that in our backyard running around in the sprinkler like they did every day over the summer or out at the golf course where we have spent a lot of time – I have pictures I will cherish forever that symbolize that exact phase of life for us.”
- Amy L. 

what clients are saying

How It Works

An Adventure 

Session lasts up to 8 hours
120 hand edited images 
8"x8" luxe heirloom album 
(20 spreads)

A Stint 

Session lasts up to 2 hours 
40 hand edited images 
12x18 professionally matted print

A Glimpse   

Session lasts up to 3 hours
60 hand edited images
8"x8" heirloom album (10 spreads)

Part of my service to you is offering high end professional print products. Beautiful albums (think velvet covers & super thick pages, as well as guidance on choosing wall art if this is something you're drawn towards. 

These heirloom-quality products are made with attention to detail and craftsmanship. And even better—I handle the design process for you by laying out the whole album and ordering as soon as you've approved. Less decision fatigue for you, less guilt about digital files collecting 'dust' on your laptop, plus a gorgeous product means you're winning triple. 

Albums + Products

“When we originally booked our appointment with Sally, my husband was hesitant. Having someone in our home for several hours with small children running around just didn't sound overly enjoyable to him, but after Sally left, the first thing my husband said was, ‘She made that so very pleasant! She was here, but not invasive. She was professional, but easy to talk to.’”
- Shanda J

what clients are saying

You know what your kids WON’T remember? 
The time everyone got dressed up and stood in a field at sunset.

So let’s do something totally different!

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