The images we create are a chance to see all those everyday moments through a new perspective and tell your story in an honest, truly emotional way. A way that maybe you don’t even realize.

Because let me tell you right now… 
It’s a beautiful thing you’ve got going on.

Real great photos from your real beautiful life

it's a little bit different

what clients are saying

“When I opened my day-in-the-life gallery, I audibly gasped. The first photo I saw so embodied our life right now that I was blown away by the beautiful simplicity of our life with young children.”
- Shanda J.

Grass stained knees
Tight mama hugs
Bedtime kisses

Okay, but what makes THIS Michigan family photographER different?

So glad you asked. Instead of me directing our time together, you and your family will just do your thing (hang in your backyard … make lunch … build a blanket fort) and I’ll be there to catch it. You’re in charge of picking the activities you love to share together; I’m in charge of capturing you all at your best. Whether you call this Lifestyle or Documentary, my goal is the same—to give you images that tell your story in a way you’ve never seen before. 

It’s a normal day hanging out with your family, just with an extra person (and her fancy camera). 
And then the golden photos to remember it by.

Don’t think of this as a long portrait session, because it’s not.


Here’s why...

I think real life is worth documenting

"I love that there was no posing and she was able to capture a day in the life of our kids and family. I love looking at old photos and scouring the backgrounds to see what else was going on. And, with our current need for perfect photos we miss out on seeing the rest of the story. But, with these images life was captured in a true time capsule."
- Jerilyn S.

what clients are saying

There are a million ways to define “family” and all of them are right and good. Please know that when we work together, I’ve got a heart full of respect and acceptance for whatever shape your family takes. 

I am always, always inclusive + affirming.

All Families Welcome

comfortable doing your thing

I L O V E working with families like yours who approach parenting with gentleness and intention. Seriously, you’re getting a big high five from me.

Documentary photography celebrates your family with a focus on giving your kids freedom to be themselves. 

I can’t think of a better way to capture what family is all about. Can you?

Kids should be allowed to be kids.

Say it with me: 

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You know what your kids WON’T remember? 
The time everyone got dressed up and stood in a field at sunset.

So let’s do something totally different!

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